In May 2021, the 30km/h limit on one-way urban roads was adopted. In just one year, we have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. Join us.

In May 2021, the 30km/h limit on one-way urban roads was adopted. In just one year, we have come a long way, join us to remember:

  • VI Semana de la ONU para la Seguridad vial
    P(A)T joined the 6th UN Week for Road Safety. Among other activities, it launched a joint manifesto with Catalunya Camina and ADEVIC to support the 30 zones and encourage city councils to guarantee compliance.


  • The manifesto was delivered to different authorities, including the mayor of Priego




  • Slow City
    SlowCity is a project aimed at enhancing the benefits of the zones30. In this project we have worked with students of teaching, pedagogy and social education of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The primary objective of Slow City is to reduce the maximum speed to 30 km on the streets of our cities. But at the same time it seeks to lower the pace of society and that we can have quality time to achieve a healthier life. Thus, both in the streets and in other areas of our lives, we will suffer less stress and live together in peace.


  • Hacia una Slow City
    As part of the SLOW CITY university exchange project promoted by the P(A)T association, students from the Autonomous University of Barcelona received training in the attitude change model given by the Education and Road Safety Research Team.



  • Ciudad 30 – Ciudad para las personas
    As a result of the publication of the statement, the entities for sustainable mobility P(A)T, BACC, Catalunya Camina and the PTP met with Albert Batlle, fifth deputy mayor and security councilor, and Laia Bonet, mobility councilor of the City Council of Barcelona to be able to know the reasons for the reduction in the number of radars.

We have also launched communications and participated in numerous programs and debates in the media to raise awareness of the need to reduce speed to reduce accidents.

From P(A)T we applaud this pioneering initiative worldwide and we call on all municipalities to do everything possible to ensure that it is complied with, since we are convinced that reducing speed saves lives.