And after that?

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And after that?

In these times of confinement we have had time to reflect on what we had, what we lost and what we will have when this is over and the conclusions lead us to suggest that it may be time to start changing our attitude towards life.

We live in an unbridled way, running from one place to another, in a hurry as if it were a race in which it is only worth being the first, having more things, supposedly better, which gives us the false belief that those objects are going to fill and we will be happier. Lost in so much haste, we have forgotten the most basic: being a better human being, the importance of human relationships, saying hello, saying good morning, a handshake, a smile, a hug… all those things that we now miss so much !

Suddenly, a tiny virus that we don’t even see has become a pandemic and keeps us all locked up at home.

But we live with other global pandemics that we don’t care about, that we do see every day, and among which is the one that occurs on our highways and streets: ROAD ACCIDENTS, also misnamed traffic accidents, kill 1,300,000 people a year. However, this road virus does not confine us, it seems that neither citizens nor politicians care. When all this happens, we will go out into the streets with more insecure vehicles, after a period in which everything has been stopped: repair shops, ITV without passing, people who have not been able to take points or permit recovery courses, etc. but it will give us Likewise, if road accidents pick up, we will look for someone to blame: “I am not guilty of anything”, without being able to recognize that responsibility is shared, individually and collectively.

They say that the world has stopped, without thinking that for families who have lost a loved one on the asphalt, their world stopped that day. Since then there are no hugs, no smiles, no good morning or we go for a coffee on the beach. That day you left your old life behind and you have to create a new one. It is quite similar to all this that is happening to us because this is what we miss. For all these reasons, as president of AP(A)T (Affected by Traffic Accidents) I ask for a little more respect for the victims and their families.

Enrique Rodríguez, president of AP(A)T