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Our traffic accident prevention message reaches young people in Malaga from the voice of Ketty Morilla.

For 10 years, the P(A)T delegate from Malaga has been collaborating in the Road Education Program of the Home Project of the Palma Palmilla Community Plan, managed by the Malaga City Council, reaching 3 and 4 ESO students from the Institutes in the area, with the aim of making them aware of the reality of traffic accidents and how to avoid them, providing their own testimony as the mother of a Victim.

In addition, she participates in the awareness days organized by the General Directorate of Traffic in different Institutes of the province; This course was closed at the Teatro de Las Lagunas (Mijas) where some 300 students from the area’s institutes attended.

You can see an example on facebook.

She explains to us how enriching the experience is and how it is such a beautiful job for her, that of being able to raise awareness to protect the lives of children and adolescents. We leave you with a piece of how she develops her effective interventions:

“Before I start talking it’s always all screaming, but when I’ve recounted my experience, silence reigns. They don’t even want to get up from the chair. Many come to hug me. Because it comes to them. I think it comes to them because they identify with my daughters; the same 17 years old and with the same desire to live and the same innocence. They think that accidents are alien things, that happen to other people. But with my testimony they make a change: to see it close and how to avoid it.

My testimony is focused on saying “NO”. We always say that you should not drink if you are going to drive, but we must also raise awareness about not getting into the vehicle of a person who is not fit. I tell them there are so many alternatives: alternate driver, calling a parent or calling a taxi or Uber. Put responsibility. I’m not going to tell you what to do, I’ll tell you what happens when things are done wrong. They can prevent all this, they can protect her life, so that her mother never receives the call that I received with the death of my daughter. Because Angela never came home.

Many come at the end of the talk to talk to me and give me a hug. The teachers tell me that the children remember me years later, and sometimes they even contact me and we continue talking.

It’s hard, I get emotional every time, it’s very emotional. Make sense of nonsense. But I don’t feel the pain as such, it’s a strange feeling, an absence. The emptiness is still there and I have had to learn to live again, although you always remember that there is something you lack.”

This emotion reaches them, as can be seen in the evaluation of the awareness days. 90% affirm that awareness activities such as praises carried out by Ketty are very necessary, having been shortchanged, and the most important being the testimonies of victims by 70% of the participants.

Remember that if you want to participate as a testimonial, you can contact us at

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