Launching of the Global Plan of Action for the Second Decade of Action

Geneva 28 October 2021 The right to safe mobility places people at the center of the global plan and sets out a series of strategies that will guide the achievement of the common goal of the 2021-2030 Decade to achieve at least a 50% reduction…


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On October 16, the EUROPEAN NIGHT WITHOUT ACCIDENTS is celebrated throughout Europe with the aim of raising awareness and preventing victims of traffic accidents among young people. The "EUROPEAN NIGHT WITHOUT ACCIDENTS" was created in Belgium…
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World Pedestrian Day

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World Pedestrian Day was born out of the accident of Bridget Driscoll who was run over by a car in London on August 17, 1897. The World Health Organization proposed this day to commemorate World Pedestrian Day. We at P(A)T believe it is intolerable…