New road safety strategy. This is our opinion

On June 9, the presentation of the 2030 Road Safety Strategy took place. More than 300 people, belonging to more than 160 public and private organizations, participated in its preparation through the working groups protected by the Superior Council of Traffic, Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility, of the numerous bilateral meetings held, or contributing comments to the text of the Strategy. Vicente Sánchez, president of P(A)T, participated in it.

You can see the presentation here:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work and commitment to road safety. The one carried out to date and the one that will undoubtedly continue to be necessary throughout the development of the 2030 Road Safety Strategy.

Vicente Sánchez, president of P(A)T, attended the presentation and is very much in favor of the strategy and the great work done by the DGT. However, he emphasizes that it must be made a reality, made effective, because you cannot have good ideas and not follow up.

He is opposed to the proposal for a B1 driving license for people over 16 in electric microcars since it is a step backwards: “We have been promoting the use of public transport and sustainable active transport, such as cycling and walking, for years, with the aim of reducing the number of cars in cities. We cannot encourage young society to saturate cities more than they already are. It is important to keep in mind the need to reduce mobility in private transport, for reasons of air and noise pollution, but also to create cities for life, and not cities for cars.”

From P(A)T, we encourage reflection on the impact that this driving license will have.