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Seniors on the move

Do you want to improve the mobility of the elderly? Get to know the program "seniors on the move"

The progressive aging of the population means that more and more older people drive a vehicle. The rights to mobility and safety may come into conflict in the act of driving if psychological capacities are negatively affected.

It is necessary to raise awareness in order to be able to warn in case of not having the adequate abilities to drive and to see the specific conditions that exist as they age and how it can influence their displacements in the different modes of transport and adapt to exercise their right. mobility and active aging in a safe and healthy way.

That is why P(A)T launches the ELDERLY IN MOTION project, whose objective is to promote awareness and training of older people on safe travel habits in different types of transport, on the progressive limitation of capacities and abilities and everything that means and about the benefits of active and healthy ageing.

The objective of the sessions is to master the Aptitudes necessary for driving and to work on the SENSORY (physical capacities), PERCEPTIVE (interpretation), COGNITIVE (decision-making), and MOTOR (execution) capacities.

Emphasis is also placed on the importance of attention and reaction time and the fact that sensitivity to the effects of toxic substances and medications increases with age.

Likewise, information has been provided on how age affects these psychophysical aptitudes: changes in the brain, the decrease in sensory capacities, the slowdown in the process of interpretation and decision-making, cognitive deterioration, the increase in time in motor performances. And it talks about the indicators of when and how to stop driving

Likewise, an update of the knowledge of current traffic regulations is carried out and exercises are provided to improve coordination and reaction capacity.

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