Urban Guard DIR Race in Diagonal

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Urban Guard DIR Race in Diagonal

The 5 and 10 km race that runs along the mythical Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona in a straight line from mountain to sea this year is in solidarity with traffic victims

May 12 Diagonal Urban Police DIR Race

And on May 11 when you go to pick up your number, come visit us at the P(A)T stand. We have an activity prepared for you that will surprise you…

Did you know…

That the Carrera DIR Guardia Urbana Diagonal is in solidarity with the victims of traffic accidents?

Among all the participants you will also find traffic victims with the association P(A)T – Prevention of Traffic Accidents – the Guttmann Institute and Stop Accidents – accompanied by volunteer runners from the Sports Club of the Barcelona Urban Guard CEGUB who will push their chairs wheel.

All our support!