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Before the 3rd Ministerial Conference for Road Safety, different events took place such as the conference “Vision zero in the city #0by30” organized by the European Federation of Road Victims (FEVR) on February 18 and in which Yolanda Domenech , Director of P(A)T, presented the conclusions. Jean Todt, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety, Mathew Baldwin, General Director of Mobility and Transport of the European Community, Nan Thran of the World Health Organization and Zoleka Mandela (granddaughter of Nelson Mandela), who After the death of her daughter Zennani in a traffic accident, she has become a road safety activist who inspires thousands of people.

If we accept the target of reducing deaths and serious injuries, by halving by 2030 it means that we are still willing to accept some 13,000 deaths in Europe and more than 600,000 deaths worldwide. We can’t agree. We are convinced that we can do better together.

The background of the “Vision Zero in Cities” conference is the idea of ​​reducing the number of traffic victims in urban areas to zero by 2030, especially protecting vulnerable users, especially children and the elderly and people with reduced mobility .

During the European Mobility Week in September 2019, P(A)T joined the #0by30 campaign that aims to respond to the challenge of better safety for vulnerable road users, with the aim of reducing to zero the number of victims of traffic accidents in urban areas in 2030, starting with European cities and spreading globally.

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