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World Day Manifesto


On World Road Victims Day, millions of people around the world pay tribute to our loved ones and raise our voices to shout to the world that we do not want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives together.

The lives of our loved ones are irreplaceable, unique and therefore nothing and no one will be able to replace them.

Today, together we remember them, that is to say, we pass them through our hearts again, and that gives us more strength and conviction to demand action from political leaders. For our sons and daughters, for our brothers, for our fathers and mothers. NO MORE EXCUSES.

Road safety is a right and this is established by the recently launched Global Action Plan for Road Safety of the second Decade of Action, which establishes the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries in traffic accidents by 2050.

An ambitious goal, but how many people will see their lives cut short along the way?

Road violence must end. We already know the risk factors and causes of traffic accidents, now we must take action by creating safe streets and highways. This year, the World Day in Memory of Traffic Victims focuses on reducing speed, which allows a better coexistence between users, favoring active mobility and therefore helping to improve the health of citizens and protect people. most vulnerable.

And certainly among them are children. We can and must guarantee a safe way to school, we do not want to allow the lives of our young people to continue to be destroyed.

Deaths and serious injuries in traffic accidents are avoidable and the actions to prevent them are compatible with the priorities set in the sustainable development agenda. We can not wait any longer.

One second can change everything. A second that supposes a devastating impact on those affected, a second that supposes years of emotional desolation, and therefore it is essential and urgent to support the victims, offering them an adequate post-accident response, because those who remain have the right to rebuild their lives.

For all this, REMEMBER – SUPPORT – ACT

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