Activities for the World Day in Memory of Road Violence Victims

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Activities for the World Day in Memory of Road Violence Victims

We are living in exceptional times. Global attention is focused this year on the # Covid19 pandemic outbreak. Current circumstances make it difficult for World Road Victims' Day to be on the agendas of most people and the conditions for its commemoration are complicated. For this reason, P (A) T has organized a series of activities to commemorate this day, most of which are in online format.

Third Sunday in November | November 15, 2020 “REMEMBER – SUPPORT – ACT” # WdoR2020

We are living in exceptional times. World attention is focused this year on the # Covid19 pandemic outbreak. Current circumstances make it difficult for World Road Violence Victims’ Day to be on the agendas of most people and the conditions for its commemoration are complicated. For this reason, P(A)T has organized a series of activities to commemorate the World Day in Memory of Road Violence Victims, most of which are in online format.

P (A) T is in solidarity with the victims of # covid19.



The statistics do not reflect the actual number of victims of mobility. To the cold figures of people killed and seriously injured in a traffic accident, we must add their relatives, friends and relatives.

The video aims to show the emotional impact of traffic accidents on the lives of family members, to help raise awareness of the true consequences of irresponsibility at the wheel.

Losses due to a traffic accident are abrupt, with no time to react, no time for goodbyes. Everything changes in a second and there is no going back.



Art often helps to express what cannot be expressed in words and for this reason we have made a compilation of poems, most of them written by the relatives themselves, to pay tribute and remember those who have lost their lives in a traffic accident.



On November 12, P(A)T was invited to appear before the Road Safety Commission of the Congress of Deputies. The Director of P (A) T called for actions to combat repeat offenders. For this, it is essential to limit the number of times that points recovery courses can be taken and he proposed the introduction of the “interrupted” option when a possible disorder or addiction is suspected, so that it can be evaluated by specialized services and on the spot. suitable. She also asked for courage to impound the vehicle, when the driver could endanger others or himself.

From P(A T we believe that the state (or society) allows or does not do enough to avoid traffic accidents and the victims are involved in events totally unrelated to them, so a comprehensive response is necessary to avoid traumatization secondary. In this sense, Yolanda Domenech, made several requests to guarantee the protection of the victims so that they can regain their quality of life as soon as possible.

See appearance:



This year, the act will be reduced to the representatives of the entities and institutions due to the mandatory measures in public health for the containment of the epidemic outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this reason, we invite everyone to follow the event through the BTV live channel on Sunday, November 15 at 12 noon:


Representative of the Barcelona City Council – Representative of the Generalitat of Catalonia – Representative of P (A) T, Mr. Vicente Sánchez – Representative of STOP, Mr. Lilo Villasante – We will have the cellist Monica Marí

Hosting the event: journalist Sheila Allen



Like every year, P (A) T wants to accompany the families with an interreligious act with the participation of different religious communities in memory of the victims of trafficking. This year it will be done virtually on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. through P (A) T’s YouTube channel:



P (A) T invited municipalities to join the commemorative campaign of the World Day in Memory of Traffic Victims, placing the symbol against Road Violence on the facades of their consistories, to show their support to victims of trafficking, their commitment to the goal of achieving zero victims and increasing public awareness of a problem that affects us all and that we can undoubtedly solve together.

More than 15 years ago, P (A) T created the symbol against Road Violence and in support of traffic victims. It is a black ribbon that represents a road and that has been adopted by the European Federation of Road Victims (FEVR), being also adopted worldwide as a commemorative symbol of this World Day.

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Among other municipalities, the initiative is supported by: the Barcelona City Council, Cambados, Salou, Masquefa, Moriles, Santander, Olivenza, etc.



Within the global initiative of the “Luz de la Esperanza” and in homage to the victims, P (A) T illuminates several emblematic buildings, such as the Temple of Tibidabo in Barcelona or the Malaga City Council.

Light of Hope Initiative:



The commemoration of this World Day was started 25 years ago at the initiative of Brigitte Chaudhry and supported by the FEVR (European Federation of Road Victims) and other similar ones in other continents, being declared by the UN General Assembly as a Day World Cup on October 26, 2005.

Brigitte Chaudry chose the third Sunday in November because it is in the United Kingdom the Sunday following the day that commemorates those who died in wars and armed conflicts. More than 30 years ago, Brigitte described misnamed traffic accidents as civil war. And it is that perhaps we are not sufficiently aware that we are killing and maiming each other. So that is the reason why the third Sunday of November is commemorated, due to the massacre caused by traffic accidents that have already killed and seriously injured more people than those who have fallen in wars.

This year the chosen slogan is REMEMBER, SUPPORT, ACT and the hashtag # WDoR2020. The director of P (A) T – Yolanda Domenech – has been part of the Working group that has chosen the slogan and explains that in a context of pandemic such as the current one, we are seeing the importance of health and of avoiding its collapse and Road safety and the prevention of road accidents (as a serious public health problem) is also key to avoiding collapses in hospitals.

Therefore, this year, the World Day wants to honor and REMEMBER those who died, SUPPORT those who survived and ACT to achieve a better post-accident response and to prevent more people from seeing their lives cut short due to a traffic accident .

P (A) T wants to contribute a reflection to an increasingly accelerated society. Mobility is not an isolated event from the rest of the activities of daily life. We drive as we live. And increasingly, we live in a culture of immediacy where everything has to be fast, productive, efficient …, a fact that generates constant stress that leads us to survival attitudes, aggressiveness, rushing … and this does not help to Road Safety. There is a contradiction between the rules and the demands of life. At P (A) T we believe that a change of model in society is necessary to reach the goal of zero victims in mobility, which must include mobility that DOES NOT KILL, does not leave sequelae for life and does not become ill. And for this you need a holistic view. Not only is it necessary to have safer vehicles and infrastructures, but also to have a good public transport network, to promote active and sustainable means of transport and reduce long-distance trips by promoting the consumption of “zero kilometer products”.