Energy failures | Too much general pollution


Energy failures | Too much general pollution

We have spent more than half a century with sterile discussions about pollution, the erroneous and lethal energy that we use and the lack of direction of research towards issues necessary for humanity. It is clear that in its day, nuclear energy (a discovery praised by the sages, but with negative effects) solved part of the visible pollution. It’s waste – now 70-80 years later – is still a serious problem for humanity.

Governments have put more effort into developing nuclear weapons than solving the radioactive waste problem. They have done like the ostrich: hide their heads (not seeing, not hearing, not talking about it). What money has been spent on serious research to develop methods and processes for the control and / or elimination of toxic waste from nuclear processes? The toxic manufacturing machine has surpassed human wisdom and humanity has become the slave of the devil’s apprentice.

We want determined and funded research to solve the problem of nuclear waste. With this problem solved, in a decade or two, we have a chance to create cleaner energy than we now use – a program run by scientists and funded by politicians – for everyone.

We have already seen too many drawings of chimeras sold without a clear policy for the good of the citizen. We want Welfare States both socially and healthily and that respect the Planet (our home).

We do not want more budgets that are not fulfilled, budgets without a clear welfare policy, and without public control. We demand more explanations. Spending on explaining how the revenue and spending mechanism works must exceed defense spending.

We must bet on R + D + i for the good of humanity.

Ole thorson
Ex-president of P (A) T