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Coinciding with the World Day in Memory of Traffic Victims, the “MEMORIALS ON THE ROAD” service is launched.

“Roadside Memorials” has the objective of making the road accident rate visible through precisely the memory of its victims. In the testing phase since September, ‘Roadside Memorials’ will help the families of those who died on the road to make road accidents visible.

“Deaths due to traffic accidents do not allow layoffs and the impact of unexpectedly receiving the news that a loved one who was healthy is gone, can lead to a complicated bereavement. Farewell rituals are necessary in the mourning process and specifically in these cases, memorials in the shape of a cross or with flowers that indicate the location of the accident can help family members to redefine the place where they died, making it sacred and dignifying it. They also give visibility to the area where a fatal accident has occurred, which warns other drivers of the danger, giving a wake-up call to exercise caution ”.

Yolanda Domenech, psychologist and director of P (A) T

On many roads, but especially in cities, it is often not possible to honor the memory of the victims in the places where they died. Through the MEMORIALES EN LA CARRETERA platform, not only is this problem solved, but it is also possible for families to receive the social embrace of other people.

BarCan iConsulting, the Madrid startup that has developed ‘Roadside Memorials’ that has signed a collaboration agreement with P (A) T, want their platform to be able to serve to make visible the consequences of road violence through technology and social networks.